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Dreamland provides a stage for those who are dreaming and want their Dreams made Real!


A Talent and Entertainment Productions,  Concerts, Fashion Designer & Re-Design, Modeling, Training, Travel, Make-Overs, Consultations, Life Changing Motivational Work shops, Photography, Video Production and  much More. We're serious about "Making Dreams Real"

AJE Productions produces trains and build their own "Cast" for each production.  The production company has it own dream team:  Production Promoter, Marketing and Promotion team, Film Producer, Director,Videographers, Photographer, Fashion and Beauty makeover/consultants. 

Anner J. Echols, CEO and Founder of AJE Dreamland Productions, Producer and founder of Swept Away Fashions, the lady behind the dream.  Echols chose to be full time in her dream career, a professional model, producer, talent director, promoter and choreographer.  A talented gifted seamstress designs and redesigns fashions. She utilizes her talent by working hard to seize an opportunity to make the dream real for others, especially those desiring to be STARS in the entertainment and fashion industry. Echols is the creator and producer of Dreamland.  AJE Productions encourages their clients to aim high and "Make a domestic investment, by investing in self", then the company and staff feels that they have accomplished their goals. AJE Dreamland is looking for those who have talent, passionate about their dreams and want an opportunity to showcase their talent.  AJE brings you live on stage productions, featuring Artist such as The Legendary Glen Jones, Yo-Gotti, Ruby Wilson, Queen of Beale Street, Legendary. Ben Cauley,  RB singer/songwriter Paul Phillips, Jazz Saxophonist Michael Townsend, Temmora, O.T. Sykes, The Sweepers, amateurs such as Gideon McKinney from American Idol, Taylor Daniel of American's Got Talent, Wendell Kinney, model, actress and recently was starred in Tyler Perry’s, Meet The Browns, and Max Reed of ABC's Dance Wars, just to name a few.  Dreamland has opened a new adventure for the plus size woman!  We abolished the idea that "plus sized women will never walk on the Cat Walk.  The Production, Dreamland, Series I, produced on June 23, 2006, was a success!  AJE Productions and staff worked overtime to make the dreams real for others with shattered dreams through her passion for giving back to the community through fund raiser utilizing her passion for others.   AJE Productions also travels with the productions making dreams real for the full and fabulous ladies by professionally training them how to model with style, personality, poise, class and have attitude. Dreamland, Series, II, was held on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at the Germantown Performance Arts Centre. Twenty five (25) full and fabulous ladies from all over the Mid-South and surrounding cities lived out their dream. The models were serenaded with live entertainers, R/B Artist, Glenn Jones, Jazz Saxophonist, Michael Townsend and the Fabulous "Sweepers" Bringing Back the Music.  AJE Productions was recently endorsed by Katwalk Planet of Atlanta, www.katwalkplanet.com and is producing the Mid-South’s Best Model Competition, spring, 2012.  AJE Production’s CEO Anner J. Echols is continuing making dreams come true; producing the Dreamer's Talent Search, and other entertaining productions making Memphis the "Star" City...Where Dreams are Made Real!

AJE Productions and staff plans are to continue producing  and promoting talent, fashion and entertainment productions, working with community involved project, volunteering and helping others reach their dreams, goals and achievements.

As the CEO, producer, promoter, role model, instructor, mentor, and choreographer of AJE Productions, Mrs. Echols knows that her knowledge, skills, demeanor and compassion for others is what inspire her to help others dream with successful expectations and follow their true calling in life.

Audition For Dreamers Talent Shows!
Evolution of Beauty: Fancy rides/ Awards w/Trophies & White Carpet

 Imagine living your dream and having anything that you want in life to choose from... the fancy cars, including a Bentley, handsome male models, a red corvette, motor-cycles with handsome males (props) riding to rock you on, receive a Dreamer's Academy Award, walk the white carpet, receive beautiful roses and have the opportunity to POP that Pose as a Sexy Lady anyway you like it all over the floor also enjoying all the amenities of an AJE Dreamland Production...Where Dreams are Made Real!


 Anner J. Echols celebrating 25+ years in the Industry


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Make Hollywood your Town!

Terica with Anner J Echols hosting Best in Black Awards - Memphis Cannon Center

Phantom of the Opera Couture....Produced by John Mathis, Co-Produced by Anner J. Echols 

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Singers and Dancers Rock Da Stage

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Evolution of Beauty Awards...who got the Best look...the Best Walk or the Best Smile?


  • "We want to send a very special much DESERVED S/O to our publicist Anner J. Echols and the entire Dream land family... "where dreams do come true" she has truly been a very impor..."
    Temmora Levy
  • "God make no mistakes. I was predistined to land on this website. I'm glad that I did"