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Dreamland TV Show airs on Comcast Channel 17 every Friday night at 9:00 pm
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  Celebrating Season 10 in 2016-17.  If you like X-Factor or American Got Talent, American Idol and YOU got talent sign up now for FREE tickets to be in our live studio audience or Register to be on the show....we are bringing "Motown to your town" This is an AJE Production! 
Meet  our 10th Season Host the beautiful/talented Jazz Artist, Beverly Booker
 aka Ms BB...Congrats to you! from your Producer an Founder,
Anner J. Echols Sponsored by YO-HITS.COM

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Coming Soon To Dreamland TV Show Mathias Quintre' Presents Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta a 3-Day entertaining event you don't want to miss in Memphis, TN get Tickets Now! '

Hot Mama's...Modern Day Mom, Becky and Daughter, Bailey Cook 

Meet The Power Couples...Today's woman is not your everyday girl

Dreamland TV Show Promotes

"We Do Memphis" with Concert

Promoter and Jazz/RB Artist, 

Carlos Wright for the Month of


Coming soon! Rock Star Kidz Productions

Phoenix our 2014- Dreamland TV Host

Bernal Smith,  The New Tri-State Defender's CEO/Publisher featured
on Dreamland TV show promoting BIB Award Show an annual production

Silky O' Sullivan promotes Dreamland

Dreamland Models at Southern Women's Show



 The Winners...Featured on Dreamland TV


Ms. Ruby Wilson's Dreams Made Real at Dreamland


AJE 2012 TV Production



Dreamland is Where Dreams are made Real...If you can dream it we can help you achieve it.



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AJE Dreamland - Ryssa B Show

Clip from Dreamland featuring Ryssa B "The Experience"

Posted by Larry Clark on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

AJE and LCMemphis, have teamed up to bring you this one of a kind reality TV show. Tune in and see lives transformed and dreams being made real right here in Memphis TN. We feature a variety of undiscovered, independent and amateur talent,  fashion, entertainment and community related programming. From singers, dancers, musicians, clean rappers, musicians and models to actors, business owners and entreprenuers.   Dreamland will give you a unique and exciting look at the dreams made real in the bluff city, where the history of blues, rock and roll originated. Mempis and the mid-south is not talent starved; but needs an opportunity to perform and showcase their performance on the Big Stage!  AJE Dreamland Productions knows that talent is rooted here; and continues to spotlight the dreamers, making Memphis the STAR city. The show is hosted by legendary fashion and entertainment executive Anner J. Echols and produced by Larry "LC" Clark.  Look for Dreamland on Comcast Cable, Channel 17, airing time is 9:00 pm, every Friday.

Interested in being a guest on Dreamland, or have some show ideas send us an email: ajedreamland@bellsouth.net or call 901-650-4955, and "Let's talk about it" with Ms. AJE, also known as Ms. "DOT", the DIVA of Transformations!  Coming soon...Danzin in Memphis, making Memphis a Star City!  If you want to be apart of this Production, let us know... and you too can meet the Queen of Beale Street, Ms. Ruby Wilson and,  the King of Beale Street,  Morgan Freeman, Preston Shannon with SBS (Shuffle Boggie Soul), call for an inteview, make a connection with Ecko Records, Silky O'Sullivans,  CityWideZip and  many others.


Dreamland TV Stars....We are looking for the Next Big Thing!

  Looking for the NEXT BIG THING IN HOLLYWOOD...Could it be you?

This Could Be You...Audition now! 

Above: Melodic, Nasville, TN and  below, Smoothe, Mr. B, , Talent Producer, Torey Dabney & Ricky Self of Freelance Video

 The Indian Jewels Dancers and D3- Hip Hop, Dedicated, Devoted and Determined


B.L.Gordon (L), Ms. Ruby Wilson (center) Queen of Beale Street and Ms. AJE


Introducing on the Red Carpet,  Dreamland Models, also photographed below are, Dreamland  TV Guest, Legendary Blues Artist, Lil Howlin Wolf,
Freelance Videographers, Ricky, Anita, Ed
,  with co-host, BL, and TV host, Anner J. Echols

AJE  visits BET Award Tours


Dreams Come True

Public access TV show fulfilling wishes

Anner Echols' dream is to help make other people's dreams become a reality. And that's exactly what she's aiming to do in a new public access television show that began airing Friday on Comcast Channel 17 at 9 p.m., called Dreamland.


SWEPT AWAY: Dreamland TV host Anner Echols (right) poses with some of the models who participated in the Dreamland Series I production last June. -- Photo Courtesy Of Swept Away Productions

"Dreamland is an AJE Production where dreams are made real," Echols said. "And lives are transformed through makeovers, modeling, workshops, seminars and other entertainment venues."

Echols is the executive producer and founder of Swept Away Fashions and AJE Productions, which produces fashion shows and offers workshops throughout the year. She also provides fashion and make-up consultation, choreography, production and design.

Read the Full Story    Click here:  Dreamland TV Show Featured by The Daily News

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur Lives Out Dream
ROSALIND GUY | The Daily News
At least twice a year, many people find themselves cleaning out their closets, getting rid of clothes that are too big, too small or just no longer needed. Anner J. Echols offers her client....

Sweet Dreams

On the pilot episode of Dreamland, Echols features her "Full and Fabulous" models as they prepare for Dreamland Series I - a June 23, 2006, production in which 25 plus-size ladies were given an opportunity to walk the runway. The pilot was produced and directed by Larry Clark of On Tha Grind Productions.

One of the models, Fran Mosley, said appearing in the production gave her the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a model.

"One thing I always wanted to do, but was never afforded the opportunity, was to be a fashion model," Mosley said in a Dec. 13 "My Life" Commercial Appeal story reflecting on her experience. "When the subject would come up, and much to my dismay, I would hear things like, 'You are pretty enough to be a model, but you will have to lose weight.' Therefore, I thought my dream of becoming a model would be next to impossible to achieve."

With recent media hype over former runway model Tyra Banks' weight gain, it's no wonder a woman larger than a size 8 would think it an impossibility to become a runway model, Echols asserted. Banks has been dubbed "America's Next Top Waddle," a play on words using the title of her show "America's Next Top Model."

In a recent interview on CNN program Larry King Live, Banks said she weighs about 160 pounds and is not worried about her weight.

"I know what I look like ... and I feel fine and wonderful, thank you," she said.

 It's a Plus

Echols is dismayed by society's belief that anyone over 115 pounds is considered "fat and ugly." That's why she launched the new show featuring plus-size models who wear sizes 14 and up.

"As a producer and the founder of Dreamland, where dreams are made real for the full and fabulous, I am striving to do whatever it takes to promote and glamorize the full and fabulous ladies," she said.

For the second show, Echols plans to talk to a local entrepreneur who has started his or her own dream business.

"We're going to be talking with someone, maybe an entrepreneur, about how their business is a success and what they've done to make their business a success," Echols said. "And is this really their dream business?"

The second show also will offer behind-the-scenes clips from "Dreamland, Series II," AJE's upcoming production.

"It'll give the audience a chance to see how the girls' lives have been changed through the workshops and the training that AJE Production provided for them," Echols said. "There were workshops on how to dress, how to wear stage make up, poise, confidence and attitude for the runway."

AJE hosts "Dreamland, Series II" March 17 at the Germantown Performing Arts Centre, 1801 Exeter Road.

The show, a follow-up to the event held last year, also will feature "full and fabulous" models walking the runway. The reception starts at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. Also strutting down the runway that evening will be "The Sweepers," a group of models Echols has been working with for years. They will perform "Bringing Back the Music."

R&B vocalist Glenn Jones and jazz saxophonist Mike Townsend will provide live entertainment.

More information about the show can be found at www.ajedreamland.com.

Produced by AJE Productions and
On Tha Grind Productions
Airs on Comcast Channel 17 Fridays at 9 p.m.

Words of inspiration

Future shows will feature people with success stories to share and people who have had life-changing experiences.

"On the Web site that we're putting up, it's going to ask people to share their stories," Echols said. "It'll say, 'Are you living your dream, or have you made someone's dream come true?'"

Echols thinks it will be inspiring for viewers to see how people set out to make their dreams come true. And it's meant to inspire those on the show, as well.

As Mosley said of her experience working with AJE Productions: "The show was life-altering for me. To begin with, my husband and sons are proud that their wife and mother is a model."

Until she obtains sponsors for the show, Echols will foot the bill for the shows herself.

In the meantime, she's been in contact with members of the business community who have expressed interest in working with her on the show.

She recently met with a real estate agent to discuss the possibility of having a home built for a deserving single mother and her children.

"But that's still in the early planning stages," she said.


Members Area

Live TV Show Taping at Dreamland

Celebrity Fashion Weekend in Memphis TN was an Intro To Paris Weekend you want ever forget Susan Jones Editor and Publisher of Impact Detroit Fashion and Style Magazine Hosted our June 3rd Production for Dreamland TV Show interviewing above D'AN Harrold, Project Runway15th Season Semi-Finalist Designer and owner of Model Haven Boutique

Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta, Bill E. Mixon, Author, Actor and Model and World Renown international Designer Van Miller Comes to Memphis TN Celebrity Fashion Weekend thanks to Intro to Paris Producer Mathias Quintre'
Dreamland TV show celebrating our 10th Season Shows on Comcast infinity TV I proudly introduce to you the talented and beautiful Beverly Booker aka MS BB

RIP The Runway Kenny a professional male model now named Male Co-Host For Dreamland TV Show with Host MS  BB Jazz

Watch Dreamland TV Show to Find out who will Receive our February, 2017 "Making a Difference Award"

Anner J. Echols, Producer and new TV Host, BB with Dreamland TV Show Hot Mama's Production on Comcast TV show

Dreamland TV Show interviews with Sandra Burke, Executive Director of Dress For Success Memphis. It was an Epic Celebration, their 9th Annual Fund Raiser The Little Black Dress Event.  Thanks to Sandra Burke, Exec. Director of Dress For Success Memphis and her amazing Board Members, Partners, Staff, Supporters and Friends Lyman D. Aldrich and his lovely wife Sally (photo above) with Anner J. Echols, Producer

Fred Sanders, Celebrity Makeup Artist with Producer, Anner J. Echols on the set of Dreamland TV Show for an interview with New TV Show Host, MS BB
Nitty Gritty showcased Live on the Red Carpet At Dreamland and Featured on Dreamland TV Show introducing his video 3-Up1-Down with Dreamland TV Host Ms BB  Nitty Gritty also featured in Nashville Weekly Entertainment

Only on Dreamland TV Show you can watch Music Nation The "Rewind"  our fans get a flash back from entertainers from the good ole times. 

Hey, this is The Bossman (center-standing) & Friends like Blue Magic. The Blue Notes The Spindles, We like to say Congratulating Ms, Anner J. Echols The Producer of AJE Dreamland Productions on her 10th season of Dreamland TV Show and her Host Ms, BB. I will see all of you very soon at Dreamland.

Watch Dreamland TV  Friday night at 9 to find out what really happened at The Rock The Runway Production on the Red Carpet and behind the scenes when Mosiah Bridges "Mo's Bows rocked the stage with his bow-ties fashionably worn.

Atty. Pamela Kelly, Producer of Rock The Runway with Anner J. Echols 

Hot Mama's...Modern Day Moms VS. Today's Women...Mom/Daughter Look alike sometimes mistaken for sisters

Power Couples debut on Dreamland TV Show...a special edition at Dreamland

Dreamland Dreamer's Academy Award Co-Host was Paul Phillips with CEO/Founder, Anner J. Echols

Dreamland Provides a Stage to be Seen and be Heard...When we shoot you get Exposure!

Baby Doll promotes Dreamland TV show...see her on stage at Dreamland Productions in 2016

Moni Whitaker we are so elated to have you join our Glitz and Glam Squad at Dreamland for our 2015-16 Production. Can hardly wait for the BIG Reveal on Dreamland TV Show...Gliz and Glam MUA's needed!

DJ Starr RB/Hip Hop Artist makes debut on Dreamland TV in 2016

Karma receives Best Performer Award at the BIB Awards Night interviewed by Terrica (Phoenix) of Dreamland TV  Show

Dreamland TV Promotes and Supports Best in Black Award for TSD

Candace Renee' Rice recently interviewed  the Legendary Ms. Ruby Wilson at BB Kings for Dreamland TV Show.. Candace Renee is  talented and entertaining

 Chef Brandon Thomas partners with Dreamland Productions and Tours with his Guilt Free Pastries...Get Healthy, Happy and Fit at Dreamland  (Below) Image and Branding Production at The Algra Center

The Sweepers- That Motown Look!

Anner J. networking made easy with business expert, Carolyn Bendall

Fun at Dreamland

Anner J. Echols, Sandra Burke, Exec. Director (center) and Yvette Hughes of Dress For Success
At Dreamland ....It's your time to Shine!

Dreamland Reward Stars

Could You be the Next Dreamland  Star?


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