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Anner J. Echols, I thank you so much for your response, that means alot. I have seen your work, and some of your successful clients. Thank you for reaching out. We will have to keep in contact!

Dasmine Garrison, Memphis, TN

Quotes We want to send a very special much DESERVED S/O to our publicist Anner J. Echols and the entire Dream land family... "where dreams do come true" she has truly been a very important pioneer in the success of Americans Newest Sweethearts landing there first Major Record Deal...not only is she a Dreamer but a true Believer, Hard working, dedicated, beautiful, Loving, Motivational, Loyal, Committed, Consistent, inspiring, positive I could go on and on basing this off of our LONG heart felt conversations we have had as we worked our fingers to the bone day in and day out building the KARMA brand and I know We couldn't have done a lot of the things we have done without you so we just want to say publicly WE THANK AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😘 💙Temmora and KARMA 💙 Quotes
Temmora Levy

Quotes God make no mistakes. I was predistined to land on this website. I'm glad that I did Quotes

Quotes I visited Dreamland and Toured the site...It was more than I ever thought would be seen at Dreamland. I thought I was in Dreamland I wanted to be on the walls of Dreamland , I was so excited I told all my friends and they too wanted to visit Dreamland Tours and I also signed up to go on a cruise in 2014 to Jamaica Quotes

Quotes Very nice website...I really enjoyed it Quotes
Terri Robinson

Quotes "Ms Echols is an motivator of expressing vision of art in the forms she can reflect in you. Her inspiration only drive you to follow your dreams of creating beauty,poise,expression,or preformance witin her agency." Quotes
Nedra' Brena'

Quotes Greetings Mrs. Anner, I enjoyed our conversation this morning. You are truly an inspiration to me, a young entrepreneur. I am so proud of you. I admire your commitment to God, your dedication to AJE {your dream :wink:}, your professionalism, your style, and your FANTASTIC attitude. It is rare to meet someone who is actually walking in their purpose. You were created by God to be a blessing and you are living proof of Deuteronomy 15:10 and Deuteronomy 28:12! Blessings, Lady 220 Quotes
Lady 220

Quotes I am very interested in an interview for your upcoming events. Please contact me for an entertainer for your program. Quotes

Quotes Wolf Chase Mall some years ago, I was at the store when your Full and Fabulous models put on show that swept me a way...I never new plus size ladies could look so great in Jean...You really got it going on with the Big Girls...The line of Jeans was call the Right Fit and they wore them well, with no slack in their gain..I now look at plus size ladies different. Keep up the good work...There should always be a place in the industry to show off the big girls! Quotes
Ms. B

Quotes I want to thank you for calling me and I look forward to meeting you in person and working to make all of our dreams come true. Thank you and have a great day! Quotes
Tefanie Easter

Quotes It was pleasure meeting you i'm looking forward to becoming the model I've dreamed to be. Thanks and I will be in touch. Quotes
Adriana Johnson
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