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Anner J. Echols, I thank you so much for your response, that means alot. I have seen your work, and some of your successful clients. Thank you for reaching out. We will have to keep in contact!

Dasmine Garrison, Memphis, TN

Quotes I think this is truly a blessing .Thank you and I will be per-registering for Arlington,TX. and look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Dream Team. May God continue to bless you and give you greater visions. GOD BLESS!!! Quotes
Andrea Curtis

Quotes Hi Ms. Echols! I love the site ...so I had to sign the guestbook! Thank you so much for including me in the Slide Show with the Cities of America pageant pictures ! ! ! I have sent you an e-mail so I am really looking forward to hearing from you soon ! Quotes

Quotes Dear Ms. Echols, My name is Eva Pham, I met with you during the Cities of America Pageant. I wanted to thank you for your interest in me. I would like to wish you a happy new year. Sincerely, Eva Pham, Lowell, MA, Contestant #16 Quotes
Eva Pham

Quotes Hello my name is Knoeshia Clark i am 16 I attended your class when u were guest speaking at Trezevant Vo-tech and I am interested and being a model I took 1 modeling class at John Casablanca Agency and i have a passion for fashion so can u please email me please! Quotes
Knoeshia Clark

Quotes i just would like 2 stop by and say i really enjoyed you coming 2 talk to us on today i would like to be in the runway iam 16 and i really would love to come see what its like and i think it would keep me out of trouble....can u please email me Quotes
Brittany pernell

Quotes I was browsing thru your website and i must say i love what i see.. there is not many opportunities for us plus size women to model and who love fashion... and i want to thank you so much for giving us that opportunity. Thxs michelle from pittsburg, pa Quotes

Quotes I went through your website and fell in love. I love how there is an opportunity for women my size to shine. There are a lot of us with modeling experiences but we keep getting the door closed in our face. I would love to have that experience also to show my talent I have in modeling. Thanks for giving us a chance. Quotes

Quotes This is Kieara, I am 18 and I work with 1st Card and you and spoke with me and you told me i had a familiar voice and told me to check out your website. I did and i like it. I have always wanted to be in the spotlight with something like modeling. But I have a sort of round face and a little weight on me so i just left alone. I really like that you are doing this for more figured women. nice website. Quotes

Quotes Hey Ms. Anner, as a former student of yours i really miss you guys. i hate i was forced to quit because of health reasons. but for a very short moment, you did make a lot of my dreams come true,if only for a season.i love hohttp://members.webs.com/manageapp/testimonials/testimonials#w you helped my self esteem. for that i will be 4ever grateful.....love you guys and keep up the good work!!!! Quotes
April Hunter

Quotes I love everything that you're doing & it like totally inspires to know that I can accomplish the same things out of life, if I truly desire to. Quotes
Kinny Peete
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