Where Dreams Are Made Reall

Dreamland Talent Production "Stars"

 Lil P'Nut,  Benjamin Flores Jr. a Nickeldon Star who grew up in Memphis recently appeared with a leading role on Knight on the Big Screen. He appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show back in the day and you can say the rest was history.   Lil-P-Nut was a big hit and winner each time he performed and won1st place at AJE Dreamland Talent Show.. Lil. P''Nut the Mid-South love you! Lil P-Nut now on the Big Stage in Hollywood recently starred  in Transformers, The Last Knight  using his full name, Benjamin Flores Jr.  and Happy Feet. 

Abbie Bayless, Grand Prize Finalist - 2nd Annual Dreamers Talent Showcase, 2009
Reagan Tennessee,  Abbie has the voice of a country western star, mix w/RB..She's a badd Girl!

Young Titan, Memphis TN...2009 Dreamer's Talent Showcase Best Hip Hop Rapper,
 "my Dreams were made real with AJE Productions, where dreams are made real"

Ms. Patrice Moore, Jackson (left) , TN...Best Singer 2009 Dreamers Talent Showcase,
 Patrice is a songbird with a voice like, celebrity Stephanie Mills...You Go Girl!

Unikue 3....Dreams  made real 2009 Dreamers Talent Showcase...you could be next!

The  Silver Star....A Special  Guest Star at  the  2009 Dreamers Showcase!

Tre-Bay..Rockin the Blues with an Old School Flavor..You hear him and you'll love him!

U'NYKU-3,  a  very  unique group of  gemstones, Diamond, Topaz and Sasyfha

"The Sweepers and Paul Phillips"  with his new release "September"

Dreamers Talent Showcase Winners -Frt-rw, The Hot Shots, Best Youth Group Bk-rw, L-R

Kevin Harbinson, best singer, "Juice", Grand Prize Overall winner, Natiesha, Best Dancer
and Abraham,"Verse", Best Rapper

Dreamers Talent Showcase Grand Prize Winner "Juice", our own Brian McKnight

 Dreams made Real for the   "The Hot Shots@ The Dreamers Talent  Showcase

The "Talented" Lynn

Dreaming.... we can make it happen!

 Meet the Fabulous and Dynamic Sweepers, and Anner J. Echols (center)

Dreams Made Real...Ms. AJE and the Sweepers!


GO "Zach"

Let's Welcome "Taylor Daniels" from American's Got Talent to Dreamland

Dreamer's Talented Stars

Abbie Bayless, Talented and Super Star with a winning  Golden Voice that rocks the stage!

Kevin Harbinson (L-R), Juice, Natashia, Abraham and  The Hot Shots

Rock  Star Kidz Production in 2017 Dreamland Productions... Talented Rock Star Kidz

Ages 5 -17  COMING SOON!

Trinity, Super Star Kid

Timothy Jones, Actor recently signed by industry professionals at Star Movement Showcase in Orlando Florida.  Timothy also an Internet Radio Talk Show Host.."The Timothy Jones Animal Show"

Katherine, Model

Recent Photos

GP from Vegas- Rick James Impersonator

The Hot Shots or the Osmonds?

Matayah, Model

Timika...Fabulous & Dynamic "Sweeper"

LilP'Nut - Hit it Big in Happy Feet


The Indian Jewels

Dreamland Reward their Winners!

ADS...tell the Story!

Yung Snyper, RB/Hip Hop "Clean Rapper"

Star Contestants are at Dreamland


Rock Da City Stars Grace
Dreamland Stage!

Nathan Davis and more talented Stars Entertain the Audience at Dreamland Productions


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