Where Dreams Are Made Reall

AJE Dreamland Production and Tours

"It's a Production...When you walk down the Hall of Dreams"

 Dedicated to The Queen of Beale Street, Ms. Ruby Wilson

"See the History of Her Career"

4384 Stage Road, Memphis, TN 38128

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Come "Touch" the Pole of Dreams

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Duration: 1.5 hour

 Experience and explore the world from coast to coast at AJEDreamland studios. Enjoy and see history captured in a time capsule of unseen and untold stories of unsung and sung artist, entertainers, legends, icons and more, including the history of an Icon and  legendary Queen of Beale Street, Ms. Ruby Wilson's life's treasures with over 50 years of  her singing and acting career...a place shed called home. Dreamland is where dreams are made real...come meet the Dream Maker!

For your viewing pleasure 



Dreamland is where Dreams are Made Real for the known, and the unknown! 

"History Captured in a Time Capsule"

Want to become a Dreamland Member and perform on Ms. Ruby's Stage?

 The actor,musician, and model Wendell Kinney at Dreamland


Want your Dreams Made Real or want to come out,  for a Tour of  Dreamland Studios, Where Dreams are Made Real.  We are celebrating 25 + years in the industry.  Schedule your appointment (s) via email, by clicking the Contact  button on left of this page or via our registration form.




Have lots of fun and be Ready... when we say "Lights, Camera and Action!


Silky O'Sullivan at Dreamland

See the Ambassador of Beale Street  


LISTEN, and VIEW VIP interviews of what others had to say about Dreamland, hear their personal experience about their visit at Dreamland...you might want to tour and Walk Down the Hall of Dreams at Dreamland.

AJE host (media) WC Handy's 15th Annual Heritage Ball with Legendary: Carla Thomas, Ben Cauley, Queen of Beale, Ruby Wilson, Eddie Harrison of the Short Kutts & more....Wish you were there!


 Dreamland Tours got the Connections!  

 AJE Dreamland Cruise Cozumel Mexico...Dreams Made Real

Book your next Dream Cruise at Dreamland. Travel any Where you want at Discount Prices!

Dreamland has been aspiring to many, young, old, tall, short, black,brown  or white......It is more than just  a  production, we  turn dreams into realities......Dreamland allows others to have a hope and a sense of pride for what they do and who they will become. 


Dreamland provides a stage for those who have a dream


Ms. Ruby Wilson Live @ 9:00, she Celebrates Home at Dreamland...Interviewed by Mary Beth Conley and...

Ms. Ruby Wilson and AJE interviewed on News Channel 5

With Ben Watson..Promoting AJE Dreamland Studio

 Tours attraction, now open in her honor!




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 When you visit Dreamland Museum, it's a Production!



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 Silky Sullivan....Supports Dreamland

 Be a Dreamland "Star" and Make Hollywood your Home Town!


Ms. Ruby wilson, has the voice of an Angel, she's the Queen of Beale, exudes the Royalty of  a Queen, and loved by millions.  Ms Ruby Wilson has always been a Star...Now you can Explore and Tour Dreamland, see the history of her career at Dreamland Where Stars are born and Dreams are Made into Realities!

Ms. Ruby Sings the Blues..You Don't have to ...She Says" I Love You and I Will See You at Dreamland"

Anthony "Dulaa" Holmes featured at Dreamland

Country and Hip Hop Artist

Members Area

A Must See in Memphis

~A Day Out at Dreamland~

4384 Stage Road, Suite 312

Memphis, TN   38128

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Tour Highlights

Everyone loves Dreamland

Models Find Stardom at Dreamland...As Candace Renee' Rice, She's fabulous!

J-Chance discovers AL Green's name on the pole of Dreams

Fashion Fantasies made "Real" at Dreamland for Khadijah Latifah

Silky O' Sullivan supports Dreamland

"Silky we love you..see more of Silky'

an his interview at Dreamland!

Get your lights, camera action shoot at Dreamland

Explore the History of Ms. Ruby Wilson and Dreamland Production

Become a Dreamland Member...have your bio, photo, a gold plated ID plaque and an opportunity to be in our Dreamland Museum with other tars of yesterday and the stars of tomorrow... plus many more benefits, including an on stage performance, TV interviews, attend industry meetings, Free Dreamland Passes,  see your face on the walls with the our legendary climates, Morgan Freeman, Ms. Ruby Wilson the Queen of Beale Street Exhibit is at Dreamland and much more... .  If interested please  click on the CONTACT button or ...visit our Registration page, and let us know that you want to become a Dreamland Member
Get your Viewing Passes, be entertained in the Theater Room Dedicated to Ms. Wilson

John Mathis, national and international photographer and Publisher of Tied in a Bow Magazine networking at Dreamland

P'Nut goes to Hollywood...Featured at Dreamland with the Dreamer's Talent Show winners.

Walk  Down the Hall of Dreams

Perfom on Ms. Ruby Wilson's Stage and Stand on the Steps to Stardom!

Tour and see the Stars of yesterday and get to know the Stars of Tommorrow
Meet the Known and the Unknown stars who have had their Dreams Made Real including the Dynamic and Fabulous "Sweepers"

Come to Dreamland and see the Stars of yesterday and get to know the Stars of Today and view the Wall of Fame!

Tour Dreamland and Get Up Close and Personal with Ms. Ruby Wilson

Tour Dreamland and See Taylor Daniel on Dreamland Production Stage
Ms. BB a Classic Jazz Artist can be seen and heard at Dreamland
Producer and Promoter Torey Dabney of Atlanta meets Dreamland Stars and take them to another level of Stardom
Stand on the Steps of Stardom and "Touch" the:" Pole" of Dreams!

LaLa Rocked the Stage at Dreamland....

Tour Dreamland and See Children whose lives have been Transformed through our youth Empowerment Classes!

Lil- Peanut won AJE Dreamer's Talent Show..now featured as a lead star on Nickelodeon  TV ..Kudos for Lil-Peanut!

Also can be seen on the walls of Dreamland

Tour Dreamland and See Ordinary people doing Extraordinary Things!

Get Entertained and be interviewed in the Production Dream Room...We have the lights, the camera's and you can become the action...whatever your skills, talent or dreams... this can all become a reality at Dreamland Produtions and Tours!

Visit Ms. Ruby Wilson's Exhibit Room,

Hear her Angelic Voice...Win prices, be interviewed on Dreamland TV,  and get the latest copy of Ms. Ruby Wilson's Classic hits!

Capture the Moments of history and archives in  a Time Capsule in the Studio Dream Room and see the Evolution of Beauty where the BEST of the Midsouth Talent  have touched the Pole of Dreams, gained Stardom Exposure, Wished from the Wishing Well. Come, Enjoy and Explore all of this at Dreamland...Where Dreams are Made Real!

Meet the Fashion Icon and sign up for your Dream Cruise...yes, it's all here at Dreamland...Where Dreams are Made Real!

Dreamland is where Dreamers Academy Award Shows are Produced for the Full and Fabulous, the Petities, the Tall, the Skinny, the Browns, Blacks and all Color are Beautiful and shine on the Stages of Dreamland Productions  with style, class, personality and the atttitude... including the Iconic, Ms. Ruby Wilson, the Queen of Beale Street

Come to Dreamland and Purchased high fashions, get choreographed and wear styles you can dance in!

Ms. Ruby Wilson is an Iconic and Legendary Celebrity who has been a lot of places, and song with the Best all over the world, including Australia, Spain, Europe, Japan, and many, many other countries and  cities...she's even performed for the President of the United States ,Queens and Kings abroard...Yes, it's all here at Dreamland...Where Dreams are Made Real and it's the Place Ms. Ruby Wilson call home!

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