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Evolution of Beauty Tour and Transformation Workshop

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We got the Lights, Cameras and U will be the Action!!

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Ladies of Distinction Award

 2022 - 2023

Was a Success

Nominate your 2021 Lady of Distinction Now!

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THE Cover Magazine Red Carpet Unveil & Reveal Celebration
Who Will GRACE The Cover? 
Note:  Invitation Only!

Anner J Echols with Lady of Distinction honoree Rose D Slaughter, Preferred Medi Spa

and Chef Wilk

The Launch and Reveal Celebration of  "The Cover" Magazine


NY Fashion ChubiiLine World Renowned  International Fashion Designer, Egypt Ufele Summit/Casting and Training Tour

   Coming to Memphis


Male and Female Models ages 5 and Up

Coming Soon to a City Near You!

The Dream Seekers

Motivational Beauty, Style and Transformation Workshops,  Red Carpet Media Networking, Seminars, and Conferences


Promotional Models and Entertainers Needed!!

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For Upcoming Production(s) Money, Love and Business Workshop, a Traveling Production presented by the Dream Seekers, A Fox and A Love

Rock Star on Stage Production Models, Singers, Dancers Actors, Actress and Entertainers needed!!

NY Fashion Week 2019

Ages 5 to 35

                                               Lights, Camera, Action!

Make Hollywood your Town... Let us Rock your city with our Beautiful, Super Star Singers

and Dancers. Artist become entertaining and talented Stars at Dreamland.

~Gain National and international exposure~

Let us help you Break into the industry~


Dreamland Production

NY Fashion Week Auditions


 Rock Da City Concert & Tour

If you don't have the skills...Let us train  you how to entertain an audience, with coaching, consulting/PR and managing your successful career as an entertaining artist who can Rock the stage and entertain others.

If you are a Model? 

 Do you have the look to launch?  Become a BEST Model - Beautiful, Entertaining, Stylish and Talented.


 Evolution of Beauty "Super Star" Action Shoot!
A Beautiful day and a Beautiful night....Dreams turned into realities at Dreamland. Celebrate with us in 2021-2023 with another Evolution of Beauty Superstar Production...click the video below!

Little Black Dress Elegant Production
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Transformation Makeover/workshop
Showcase, Music, Networking, Food and Fun
Sponsored by AJE Dreamland Productions and the Dream Team
 Beauty Consultants
VIP Invitations/Tickets only

Rising Stars at Dreamland....Got Talent this could be You!

2016/2017 Class of Distinction for Male Models
Fall 2016

Are you Full Figured and Proud?

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our Spring/Summer  or Fall Productions

"Full Figured and Proud"

Rising Stars Audition

The Essence of Beauty, Cars and You

Spring/Summer Fashion Shoot

Sponsorship Ads and Partners needed... Car Dealerships/Imports, etal

"Make Me Fabulous"

From This To That!

Creating Beauty in Every Size...Inner Beauty is what counts the most!

Coming soon to a town near you!

Update your look for  You...Be confident, stylish and sleek. Join the fab life at Dreamland for a total makeover transformation.  Win a free makeover, get transformed and be featured in our upcoming on stage Fab Life Production and be featured live on Dreamland TV show.  Showing off your best features with one of our distinguished male models


Evolution of Beauty "Super Star"

September, 2021- 2024

 Promotional Video and Photo Shoot

Girls Day Out at Dreamland..Fashion, Fun and Entertainment

Details for auditioning complete form or call 901-650-4955

Networking, Pampering, Entertainment, Fashions and Make-overs

Including a Designer Dress, Just your Size, a Complete Makeover from Head to Toe

Door Prizes $500.00 Gift Certificates and More

Red Carpet Meet & Greet/Refreshments/Mini Workshop

Make This a Life Changing Experience...Lights, Camera and Action!

Vogue, Vogue get your picture on the cover of a Magazine!

Glitz and Glamor Rising Stars Needed

Is Your Music good enough to be heard or seen on Radio or TV?

Do you have the support of Family and Friends?

Do you have a passion for Dancing?

Do you excite the audience with your poetry recitals?

Then we are looking for you

Get seen, heard and gain the exposure you need

Scheduled Auditions and Consultations only


Image/Branding and Management- "IBM"

Workshops for the Entrepreneur

"Corporate Hospitality"

Beauty and Fashion Tour

Do You have the Look to Launch?

Dreamland TV Show is looking for Male and Female Models

Ages 5-35

Casting for Models, Singers, and Dancers 

Dreamland is Where Dreams are made Real

 Beyond the Beauty

Work Shops specifically designed for "you" from Head to Toe

Become a Talented Runway Model...Register now!
 - nationalismnationalismSlideshow

Inner Beauty transformations transforms your mind, body and the Total you

Sign up Now...get your consultation package and let us take you Beyond the Beauty

Youth Reaching For the Stars...TV Show Featuring Purple Reign

Coming Soon...Audition Now!

The Who's Who of Dreamland?

The Pole of Dreams



Funding a Dream Scholarships for Artistic and Gifted Children

Semi Formal -Red Carpet Production with RB and Jazz Artist performing


 Dreamland Models Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"The Power of Pink"

Fashion and Entertainment Production

Donations support the Susan G Komen Cure for Breast Cancer

~A Must See in Memphis~

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A Day out at Dreamland

4384 Stage Road -Suite 312

1pm - 5pm

Exclusive Guided Tours

Win Prizes, be entertained and Much More!


The Road To Success...The Next Big Thing!

Casting Model and Entertainers

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Casting  for on Stage Productions

Models, Singers, Dancer and Actors

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Memphis at The Apollo

Entertainers needed...Pre-register for auditions now!

Singers, Dancers, Clean Rappers, Instrumentalist, Actors and Actress

(Models needed for Media assistance)


 Shoe Talk....A Shoe Gala

For Shoe Lovers Only

It's all about the shoes....Where did you get those shoes?

Schedule a Shoe Production now!

"Know when to WALK Away"

Come, enjoy refreshments, have fun and dress to impress



 AJE Productions


Rock Da Stage and Rock Da Runway

 Audition Now!

Memphis, Tennessee

Models, Singers, Dancers, Actors and Actresses

Casting 2021' - 2023' Stars Now!

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Experienced, Entertaining and talented Stars only!

Singers, Dancers, Models and Clean Rappers


Note:  Bring professional Bios, DVD's and photos



Memphis Community Arts

Meet The Who's Who of Artistic and Gifted Children

Silent Auctions, Awards, Presentations, Door Prizes and  Entertainment

Portion of the proceeds to benefit: Funding a Dream Project for Gifted and Artistic Children


The Search is on for Best Models...Is it You?

Best Models Rocked the Runway

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 "Dreamland is Where Dreams are Made Real"

Full Figured Ladies Rock at Dreamland...Wanna Rock?

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Memphis, TN



If you are a Full and Fabulous lady and got the Class, Style, the Confidence and the Attitude to Rock Da Runway, we are looking for you...If so, will get the Best Choreography, the Consulting, Professional Promo Videos, Professional Photos and a Stage with the light, the Cameras and you will become the ACTION!  Schedule an audition now or register for Full and Fabulous on ou Registration Page NOW!

" Let's Talk about it"

" you choose the topic"

Televised Production....You can be apart of our Live Studio audience

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Do you want to Gain Exposure, Look Extravagant, & be Entertaining?



We Rocked The Runway...This could be you in 2013-2014!


This World Is Your Stage!




 Best Models "Style"

The Glitz and Glamor Ball

Gain Exposure and get Produced 

Dreamland TV Show Models, Dancers & Singers

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Could this be you??
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Models, Singers, Dancers and Clean Rappers
Ages 5 and Up!
Schedule your Audition now...and be featured on Dreamland TV Show and 
Katwalk Planet of Atlanta's Magazine

    ~Casting Now~
  Danzin In Memphis

Could this be you??  Are you talented, energetic, professional, passionate, dedicated and a professional "dancer" in Memphis... Be THE NEXT BIG THING in Hollywood for our 2013 Danzin in Memphis Production
  Schedule your audition

 We are looking for you, if you have style, rhythm, class, qualified and fit in one of our two (2) categories....Group I, Must be ages 18 t0 35, group II, ages 35 to 55 very talented and entertaining! We are casting for the following dance styles ..Swing, West Coast, East Coast, Salsa, Social, Latin, Ball Room, Free Style, Line Disco and Hip Hop. If interested, please submit your qualifications in 250 words or less, upload your professional video (3-5) minutes and email your submission to ajedreamland@bellsouth.net.

hanks for coming out & supporting Rock Da City 1             
~Casting Now~


      Singers, Dancers, Models, Musicians, & Clean Rappers


Work What You Got!
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"Shoe Talk"

 Shoe Party...For all Shoe Lovers

The Production was a Sucess!

 Walk a Mile in My Shoes!

Be Sexy, Graceful, Stylish and Classy

"Casting Now"

               Rock Da Runway


Five Minutes of Fame
Rock Da City II
Badd Mama Jammas in the Spotlight
Evolution of Beauty Fashion and Entertainment Productions,videos and more!
Class of Distinctions
Fabulous at any Age...Video Shoot!
Walk that Walk...Atlanta showtime!
Badd Girlz & Big Boyz Styling on the Catwalk
AJE Dreamland Chicago
The Beautiful you..on the Board Walk
Rock Tha City Concert...Video Shoot!
Dreamers Talent Showcase
Dreamer's Academy Award Night
Dream Weddings and more...Have you been asked?
This Could Be You!

Timika, Alicia and Lynn Rocks @ Dillard Shoot!
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 Call for an appointment (901) 650-4955

Meet the Dream Maker, The Lady behind the Dream

 Remember that Dreamland is where Dreams are made Real

 Our Dreams were made Real @ AJE Dreamland!

            "We are the Big, the Bold and the Beautiful"
 The Evolution of Beauty...and the Award goes to..Brooke Shields look alike!



AJE Promotes Talent on Fox News

Dreamland Cruise...Making Dreams Real over the Ocean

Red Carpet Production
Dedicated to Memphis Legends
Award Celebration and Entertainment Production
Keeping the Dream Alive
Work What You Got!
Classic Jazz Artist Ms. BB
Rufus "The Dog"Thomas
RB and Blues Artist, Ann Peebles
Memphis Soul legend, the finest deep Southern soul singers of the decade, notching an instant classic with her 1973 hit "I Can't Stand the Rain.", and "I'm Going to Tear Your Playhouse down".

also known for Amateur Night on Beale Street
Ms. Ruby Wilson (center), Queen of Beale Street, Blues Legen
Also special Dedication Given to:
Legendary, Nat D. Williams, 1st black radio announcer,
in Memphis broadcasting for WDIA
The group, The Climates, is under the leadership of Robert “Chilli” Chisem, the only original member in the ensemble. ”, featuring one of the Climates’ songs, “No You For Me” from the Sun-Days. The Climates have finished a new CD entitled, “Rainin’ In Memphis”, which will released  January 2008 by Blue Boy Records.  It is produced by Memphis’
own, Carl “Blue” Wise.
   Saturday, October 30, 2010     
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
University of Memphis Psychology Auditorium
400 Innovation Drive
Memphis, TN   38152
Featuring on Stage entertainment in concert, Jazz Artist BB, 
Bobby "Silky plus" White, Erica Roane,R/B artist LaLa, Lily Rubio, Preston Shannon's Shuffle Boogie Soul (SBS) dancers and more...
Tickets information call 901-650-4955
A portion of the proceeds to benefit American Stroke Association
Sponsored by:  Freelance Video 1, Blaq Promotions, AJE Productions, DI'MANS, Inc,  LCNMemphis
and  DSS Showtime Entertainment.




AJEDREAMLAND Tours ...Register now for our 2012 Evolution of Beauty Tour

Book a tour in your town...looking for classy BBW's!

Dreams Made Real for the Full and Fabulous

We experienced the Dreamland Adventure!

This could be you!

Experience your dreams with your eyes open!

Sizes 10 and UP

Contact Marie @ 901-650-4955

           Meet the Dream Maker

Pre-register Today for your consultation!

Book a "Tour" In Your Home Town!


AJE Productions presented their annual  recognition and Achievement Dreamer's Award Night..

Click on (left) on our Dreamers Academy Award page and meet the stars.


Audition for Rock Tha City Concert!

Coming soon to a city near you...Can you really sing and entertain an audience?

WRUG RADIO and AJE Productions is where unsigned, unsung and independent artist get their music played!

Audition for Singers, Dancers, Clean Rappers, Musicians,  Models, and Instrumentalist


Call 901-650-4955....schedule your appointment now!

AJE Productions is Where Dreams are Made Real!

Auditioning for 2011 Productions..Scheduled your consultation now..read below!



Coming Soon...Honoring Music Legends and Heroes!

"Make a wish...Keeping the Dream Alive"

Dream Maker's Ball

AJE let you reach for...The Moon and Stars on Earth


AJE Productions Life Changing Home and Small Business Showcase...Check it out clik AJE Productions underlined in pink!

Germantown Centre 1801 Exeter Road Germantown, TN. (All donations are tax deductible). Thank You,. Anner J. Echols Executive Director and Producer ...
www.lifechanging.vizualmagic.com/sponsors.html - Cached
Help is on the Way!
Flood Fest 2010
~Benefit Fund Raiser Concert~
The Show was a success
The Dream Team helped our neighbors 
Those whom dreams were shattered...and lost their homes due to the recent flood in Tennessee!
Concert featuring Beale Street Royalty & Memphis Finest Entertainers:
Preston Shannon, Joe Kent, Willie Hall,  Ruby Wilson, Ben Cauley, King Ellis, former Kool and The Gang
 O. T. Sykes, Chelsea Chandler, Lily Rubio, Paul Phillips, NateWhitlock, J-Smoove and more....
Hosted by Legenday DJ George Klein
Sponsored by:  Freelance Video and Production, AJE Dreamland Productions, Blaq Promotions, DSS, FOX 13,
LCMemphis, WRUG Radio and a host of other concerned citizens
We help you...when your dreams have been shattered through our volunteer and compassionate dream team!

Dream Girl



Could This Be You?
Contest Rules
Each contestant must be 18 years or older,  submit in writing your "Dreams", consisting of 500 hundred words or less why you think
you should be
chosen as dream girl of the month.   Along with your dreams please submit a professional full body photo.

Prizes and Gifts value over $500.00
Total Make-over
Live TV show Appearance and Interview
AJE Designer/Collection wardrobe
Get Exposure & Get Discovered
All submissions must be mailed to: swettaway@aol.com
AJE Productions 4384 Stage Road, Suite 105, Memphis, TN  38128


Styling on The Catwalk A Success!

Let us Make "You" a Star

Do you have dreams and aspirations.. Schedule you career consultation today!

Isabelle Doll-Ngcobo, CEO of Isabelle Doll Media Group, LLC and President of Africa TV One
International Media Correspondent for  The Cover Magazine 
AFox , Media Consultant/Host/Spokesperson and "Dream Seeker at Rep Your Act doing what she does and loves best in Atlanta, Ga
Meet Tiara the Model on the Red Carpet at Dreamland Productions

ALove and AFox aka The Dream Seekers. Get your Media Boost from around the World

Meet Entertainer TI, Tiny, J Holliday, and the other Mama's of your favorite Celebrity at The intro To Paris Celebrity Fashion Weekend in Memphis, TN, Produced by Mathias Quintre' and Co-Produced by Anner J. Echols June 1-3, 2017

Curvy  "Plus Size" Girls Head To Toe Transformation Production ...Sign up Now!

Televised production Coming Soon!

Win $1,000.00 in wardrobe/makeover and Prizes!

Miss Plus Size America Tanesha Smart Celebrity Model, Author and Entertainer  and Internationally Renown Designer "HOUSE OF VAN MILLER" will be joining us for the Intro to Paris Celebrity Fashion Weekend Edition Fashion Production and displaying the FINEST in HIGH FASHION APPAREL!!!  June 1st -3rd ....it's GOING DOWN!!

D'An Harrold 15th Season Semi-Finalist of Project Runway is one of the Celebrity VIP Designers at The Intro To Paris Celebrity Fashion Weekend Produced by  Matthew  Hobson and Co-Produced by Anner  J. Echols

Celebrities Mamas of Atlanta, Bill E. Mixon, Author, Actor, Model a to Memphis, TN for The 2017 Intro to Paris Celebrity Fashion Weekend.  The Shownd International designer Van Miller the show will be Co-Produced by Anner J. Echols ee

Sign up now for our Orlando, Florida Show Case and meet Top Industry Professionals

Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta, Bill  E. Mixon, Author, Actor and Model and World Renown international Designer Van Miller Comes to Memphis TN Celebrity Fashion Weekend thanks to Intro to Paris Producer Mathias Quintre'

December 4, 2016 Dreamland Productions produced "Show Some Love" Fund Raiser Production at the Beautiful Historical Orpheum Downtown Memphis, TN ...An AJE Production 

Registration Required for Artist, Industry professionals and business entrepreneurs mandatory before attending

Celebrity Makeup/Grooming Artist Frederick Sanders  interviewed at Dreamland Productions  for Dreamland TV Show

Memphis Jelks (R) now signed with  Chuck D Public Enemy M-Jelks makes Debut at Dreamland and shoots Music Video downtown Memphis, TN

Want to be apart of our TV Audience Sign up now to get Free Tickets or Register to be an Entertaining Star on Dreamland TV Show

Kateria Fagan...Dreams Made Real 

will be featured in our Star Movement Showcase for May 2017 #Congrats

Ms BB's Summer Jazz Fest...Las Vegas to Memphis Dreamland Production Saturday, August 27, 2016 Memphis Hilton.  VIP Guests ONLY!
Timothy Jones, signed Actor/Radio Host

Ms. Ruby Wilson, Queen of Beale Street, Chelsea Chandler and Anner J. Echols promoting the Flood Fest 2010 Production

Karma on Fire... Released 1st Single

The High Life...Got signed with

Universal Records  #Hometown-girls #KARMA #HighLife

Saturday, January 23, 2016 Dreamland Presents Glitz and Glam High Fashion Ball...Invitations only!

Let us help you get stage ready at Dreamland...performing at your Best is a Must when Entertaining an audience.

Kenny, got swag...very handsome, and a distinguished gentleman at Dreamland



         Everyone is a Super-Star

at Dreamland

       Wear Styles You can Dance In. 

           Video Shoot and Photo shoot on the Red Carpet in the Super Star Lounge

CAN YOU Rock a Hat?

Flowers for the ladies from Wendell Kinney and Troy...Making all the ladies dreams come true at Dreamland
LaLa, one of our Rising Stars
Dreamland Welcomes "CoRetta"... A New Style, More talent and a Fresh Face! Singer, Song Writer, Actress, Model and Dancer. 
Dreamland Models Rock The Runway Beyond Memphis, TN

The Mid South's Cutest Kids Photo Contest

Coming Soon..It's a Production!

Do you know or have that Kid?

It's Action time at Dreamland

GOING RED...Hearts of Gold

TV Shoot...Support American Heart Assoc.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Raleigh Springs Mall

Poised, Classy and Professional models at Dreamland..If you got it, flaunt it on Stage

Breast Cancer Awareness

"The Power of Pink"


I'm not Jokin...I'm just Jukin

Saturday, February 23, 2013

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Raleigh Springs Mall

Memphis, TN  38128

Ms. Southern Katwalk

An Exclusive Scholarship Pageant for Models in the Mid-South

Entrants must visit:


Stars are Born at Dreamland

Recent Photos

Entertain others on Dreamland Stages

The Sweepers in Action

Lil P'Nut Graced the Stage at Dreamland

Rock Da Stage!

Audition and Perform on Ms. Ruby Wilson's
 Stage...Members Only!

Shoe Talk is discussed at Dreamland...Girl, where did you get those shoes?

Dreamland Models Rocks the stage for Dillards..Dreamland models become the face of Dillards...Models needed for magazines,acting and video shoots

Winter Wonderland Production at Dreamland...Casting now! 

Ladies...Let's Talk About It!

 Get advice, be advised and be admired

Is it time for another ladies talk show?

Ladies, you don't have to be sad, crying, disappointed or down in the DUMPS!

Schedule a Ladies Talk Show Now!.... for you and your friends!

Haute Mode's Grand Opening


  • "We want to send a very special much DESERVED S/O to our publicist Anner J. Echols and the entire Dream land family... "where dreams do come true" she has truly been a very impor..."
    Temmora Levy
  • "God make no mistakes. I was predistined to land on this website. I'm glad that I did"
 Red Carpet Production at Dreamland  with Kyle Hassle and  Dreamland TV  Host Ms. BB Jazz