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Marketing/Promotional Assistant 
"The Cover Magazine"

  Rita Ester Neal
Trained & Experienced to meet all your promotional needs!

 Miyoshi U. Gordon

Brand Ambassador, Orlando, FL

Dreamland Productions and The Cover Magazine


Need a Media Boost?

Media Host, AFox coming soon to a town near you!

Dream Seeker, Angela Foxworth interview long time seasoned Actor Clifton Powell at Saints and Sinners Premiere Watch in Atlanta, Ga

Angela Foxworth...."The Real A Fox"

Dreamland Productions welcomes Media Publicity Consultant, Angela Foxworth to the Dream Team.  Angela, a dream seeker from Dallas, GA, now resides in Marietta, GA , one of ATL Hottest Media Personalities is no stranger to the industry, an Internet Radio and Television Talk Show Host, Life Style Blogger and Independent Travel Agent. Angela is passionate about making dreams come true by allowing people from all walks of life to showcase their businesses and talents all over the world with  Media Boosts, Work Shops, Forum, Conferences and a host of other media driven tools to market and showcase their business the right way! Angela is passionate about what she does, her dreams are fueled by her many years of experience along with her desire and passion to open doors for those who think it's impossible.  Angela, soft spoken, but never speechless or a quitter loves to encourage people to never ever give up on their dreams


 Motivational Consultant and Events Planner

Dreams Made Real - Dreamland Productions lands search for Dream Seekers in Dallas, Ga

Breaking News Reported in Dallas New Era

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We don't' Develop the Brand, we help you implement it. Let us help you grow your brand and show off your talent and make your dream a reality!

Let us help you look as good as your competitors. Attract clients w/o picking up a phone...We know what you need to become  .  We can educate you on what your needs are to brand your business and get ready make Big Bucks or Be on BIG Stage!

Branding your business is one step to Success. Do you know the Brand Strategy?

Consistency, Originality and Visibility is another way to grow your business. Do you

know the importance of having great leadership, management, marketing and customer satisfaction:

Make the connection...Meet and make it official after brainstorming...don't hesitate seal the deal

Invest in your employees... Attend business seminars, learn ways to recognize a quality worker....Let them know that time and money is important...Don't forget to reward them!

Coaching classes at Dreamland Productions brings about a "New You" with high self esteem, confidence and an image that let's everyone know your smile is REAL!

Everyone loves incentives, don't forget to reward your employees or Give your Star Talent an Award!

Your brand and your identity communicates a powerful message to your target market or ideal customers.


Know your competitors, let us help you look as good as your competition. Branding and Marketing go hand in hand with communication.

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We help you get Media Exposure and Grow your business...Let us tell your story and then you can paint the town red on the way to the bank

Support a Cause and give back to other and reap the benefit with Good Rewards.  We support Breast Cancer Awareness .

The "Look"  of class, confidence, poised, and great personality is what you get when you are at Dreamland Productions "Where Dreams are Made Real"

The Dream Seekers AFox and ALove on Location Making Dreams a Real

The Dream Seekers in Action....Promo's and Interviews


Presentation and Representation is "You"

No matter what your job title is...

Stage Presence is everything!

Market, Manage and Promote Your Business by Networking.  Register Now for a Televised Red Carpet Production for Businesses and Artists who want to grow and succeed in their business
Networking is the key to success in growing your business...Artist, business owners and Entertainers need Industry representation and Professional advice to reach their full potential in the industry

Catherine Doggett Hernandez, Promotions and Marketing for Social Media and Runway Instructor

We help you grow your business/build an audience based on the market value of what you want on or off stage!

Develop a good Business plan...and meet industry professionals or business partners to take you where you want to go.

Know business etiquette, know when and how to Dress like a Model, Actress, Actor or Businessman /Business Woman

Know how to sale and satisfy your customers, audience or employees, get a smile and standing ovation every time!

Reward, Educate, Manage, Train, and Motivation is the keys  to happy employees, which result in happy customers

Do you know when, where and how to speak to employees, or co-workers? It's about the know how because it could lead you to the next door of opportunity

Know your role in the business world...Image and Branding is a Must in order to succeed and grow your business

Reward and Promote your employees in all walks of life....every position warrants a Praise and a Raise.   Cheer them on  give them and Award.....you will reap the Reward!


  • "We want to send a very special much DESERVED S/O to our publicist Anner J. Echols and the entire Dream land family... "where dreams do come true" she has truly been a very impor..."
    Temmora Levy
  • "God make no mistakes. I was predistined to land on this website. I'm glad that I did"

We Take Pride in how our Entertainers look when they perform on Stage.  Image and presentation is everything. Motown said it best. If you want someone to pay you look and act like it!

Look and Dress the part no matter what your JOB Title....ask us we will get you ready!

GP..Las Vegas Rick James Impersonator

Dreamers Talent

Lil-Peanut...Now featured on Nickelodeon