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Where Dreams Are Made Reall

Celebrate with us and enjoy a glimpse of Executive Chef T's Reveal Celebration at The New Black Wall 

Street Market in Stonecrest, GA.  For more information about Chef T visit:  Personal Chef | My Secret Recipe | Atlanta (

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see who will grace the latest edition of "The Cover" Magazine. 
Hint: She's a Rock Star!

Congratulations! Yazzydazzle, you are the first child to graces "The Cover" Magazine.

" It's Every Girl's Dream" 

Yazzy's Reveal Celebration and Adventurous Excursion Videos Below!!

Yazzydazzle meet her Superhero Wonder Woman at Heroes of Lotusnight

Yazzydazzle living out her dream excursion at The Children's Museum of Memphis

Yazzydazzle riding the historical Carousel at The Children's Museum of Memphis

Celebrity and Red-Carpet Host Host Nikki Rich graces The Cover Magazine

Dreamland Productions and The Cover Magazine's Brand Ambassador, NY Best Seller/Author and Entrepreneur Miyoshi Gordon #orlandoflorida #BrokenButStillamasterpiece