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Meet the Producer & Publisher

Anner J. Echols is celebrating over 25 years as CEO and producer of Dreamland Productions and the publisher of  "The Cover" Magazine.  She brought her passion to life while helping others achieve their dreams along the way. Because of the diversity and various lifestyles in her community, she had to adapt her purpose and goals to educate, inform, and assist others in cultivating and developing their skills to engage in opportunities to meet their needs, serving as a pathways to success. Anner manage, market, promote, produce, direct and choreograph on stage fashion/talent shows, workshops, and other entertainment productions. She is an ambassador for Dress for Success Memphis, Inc. She donate her time, energy and talent to non-profit organizations.  Echols raised over 850,00 thousand dollars for special organizations, community organizations and fund raisers: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, March of Dimes, Lupus Foundation and American Diabetics.

           ·Taught etiquette classes at Parkway Learning center, approximately 25 children ages 5-12

           ·Trained and prep young women and girls for job readiness skills at Bridges

          · Consultant and Vendor for Memphis City Schools – FCCLA Program

           · Media Publicist, Talent Scout and TV Show Producer and Host

           · Life Changing Home and Small Business’s workshops


Dreamland Productions is a production company that provides a stage for models, singers, dancers, actors, and others in the entertainment and fashion industries to showcase their talents. It produces, directs, and choreographs a variety of on-stage productions such as award ceremonies, fundraising; concerts, pageants, conferences, seminars, talent, and television shows.

One of her greatest accomplishments is reaching milestones in her career—producing successful shows and working with legends and icons along the way. Her journey has allowed her the opportunity to prepare a road map and pave the way for the next generation, to assist them in achieving a strong and successful future.

She is the recipient of several awards: the Queen of Productions Award, the Dreamer’s Academy Award, Community Leadership of Giving Award, Ladies of Distinction Award, The World Woman of Vision Entrepreneurship Award, Excellence Achievement Award, the Rock Da City /Producers Award, and the Music & Entertainment Award for Rising Stars.

Anner also known as "The Dream Maker" continue to work hard and set goals for the future, by expanding her network to connect with business owners around the globe, she keeps her focus on supporting and promoting women-owned businesses.

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